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About us

2bind - Experts in MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) and nanoDSF services

Our mission is to help to drive your science with our sophisticated biophysical analyses. We can help you to study your molecular interaction of interest in terms of basic binding parameters.
Benefit from our fast, precise and cost-efficient MST platform, which works in solution, at free choice of buffer.
We can help you to characterize your protein of interest in terms of thermal stability and aggregation tendency.
Benefit from our fast, precise and cost-efficient nanoDSF platform, which works in solution, at free choice of buffer, without modification of your protein.
As globally acting service provider, we work with customers and collaborators mainly involved in drug development and antibody discovery and aptamer generation from all over the world.

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Products and services

Innovative MicroScale Thermophoresis assays allow our experts at 2bind to study any kind of molecular interaction in solution, with free choice of buffer. Our semi-automated MicroScale Thermophoresis platform is optimized in terms of speed, sample consumption, and cost-efficiency.

Please choose from:

  • binding assays
  • library screening assays (HTS MST)
  • competition assays to study IC50 values in vitro
  • assays with multiple binding partners

Sophisticated labelfree nanoDSF assays allows to study the melting temperature of a target protein in a precise manner with freedom of buffer and low sample consumption

nanoDSF Assay formats are:

  • buffer screening assays
    Choose your conditions from over 1000 Puffers or use our FDA plate™, which is composed of 96 Formulations of Developed Antibodies, which are approved by authorities.
    • detergent screening assays
    • interaction partner screening assays
    • quality controls


2bind GmbH
Am BioPark 13
93053 Regensburg

Phone: +49 9419 433171

Thomas Schubert
Phone: +49 160 96938061

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