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Linkers and Payloads for Antibody-Drug Conjugation (ADC)

We provide novel payloads with alternative mechanisms of action and innovative and patentable linkers. Besides the standard valine-citrulline type linkers, we can offer novel peptide based fragments, which serve as substrates to cathepsin B or in other type of enzymatic cleavage.

Novel types linkers cleave via reduction with controlled kinetics.
First and second generations of self-immolating dendrimers allow multiple release of a single or even different payloads. This opens the door to combination therapy in antibody-drug conjugation, a complete new filed in oncology and other therapeutic areas.
Our specific know-how in solubilizing technologies, via PEG derivatives and other hydrophilic linkers ensures reliable and consistent pharmacokinetic and a safe therapy application.

Exhibitor: Iris Biotech GmbH

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