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Custom Synthesis of Unusual Amino Acid Analogues

We carry out custom synthesis of complex organic molecules in the domain of our expertise.
Standard approaches to yield unusual amino acids via the acetamidomalonate route and asymmetric Strecker synthesis are daily routine in our lab. Additionally we have specific platforms, like asymmetric phase-transfer reaction, to produce a wide range of unusual building blocks from grams to multiple kg quantities:

  • β-2-amino acids, α-alkyl-amino acids
  • 2,2-disubstituted β-homo and γ-amino acids, 3,3-disubstituted γ-amino acids
  • GABA and statin analogues with side chains of any natural amino acids unusual residues
  • β,β-di-methyl & β,β-di-fluoro amino acids and other fluoro derivatives, α-trifluoromethyl amino acids
  • Arginine analogues and other guanidines derived from any commercially available amine
  • multifunctional proline analogues for inducing cis and trans amide bonds, with additional functionality (amine, azido, hydroxyl, thiol – alkyl, aryl)

Exhibitor: Iris Biotech GmbH

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