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Custom Synthesis of PEGs and other Polymer Carriers (non-GMP & GMP Production)

With approx. 1000 different polymer carriers we provide the widest portfolio for drug delivery technologies used in polymer therapeutics for small API molecules, as well as for large biopharmaceuticals for latest state-of-the-art application areas like combination therapy and personalized medicine.

  • Our portfolio of PEGylating reagents and PEG based Dendrimers ranges from short monodisperse to long polydisperse poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives.
  • Poly(amino acids) like homopolymers of Arginine, Glutamic acid, Ornithine, and Sarcosine, are modern drug carrier systems providing the advantages of polymer therapeutics also to small drug molecules.
  • Our latest highlight are Poly(2-oxazolines), where hydrophilicity and surface activity can be fine-tuned to application’s requirements.

PEG derivatives can be produced in multiple-kg quantities and under cGMP conditions.

Exhibitor: Iris Biotech GmbH

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